Hi there, I’m Candy Campbell and I improve interprofessional communication in the health care system.

A few things about…

Candace Campbell, DNP, MSN-HCSM, RN, CNL, FNAP (aka:Candy The Nurse ) has worn two hats for many years; one as a healthcare professional and the other as an artist.

Within healthcare, she has worked as a nurse, administrator, educator in the areas of hospital and public health for over 30 years. She also holds degrees in Speech Communications and Theatre and has earned awards as a filmmaker, writer, actress, and fine artist. A five year research project with families of preemies and a passion to share knowledge about the psycho-social implications of having a severely premature baby compelled her to create the award-winning film, Micropremature Babies: How Low Can You Go?

As an author, Campbell says she only writes books she wants to buy and can’t find. My Mom Is A Nurse is her tip o’ the hat to those who serve in that arena, while Good Things Come In Small Packages (I Was A Preemie) exists to help parents guide their toddlers through some rough waters of realization. Currently, she’s writing a non-fiction book to help parents. Watch for A Primer For Parents of Preemies. (To receive an autographed copy, place your name on the waiting list HERE.)

The creation of Candy Campbell & Company Healthcare Communication Specialists melds these two interest areas of healthcare and artistic problem-solving. From early days in college judging speech meets, to teaching improv, comedy, and healthcare (separately and simultaneously!) Candy brings continued experience as an educator, performer, and speech coach.

My Superpowers!

My super powers help me to help you develop your leadership and communication skills, whether coaching individually. training teams, or performing onstage.

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