Nurses Week 2014

by Candy on February 18, 2014 2 comments

artofnursing-largeHello, and heads-up, Nurses!

This coming Nurse’s Week, I’m speaking as part of an exciting new event called the Art of Nursing. It’s a four-day series bringing together 12 extraordinary nurse pioneers to share their thoughts on how we can bring back the art of nursing – that healing presence and patient-focused practice first envisioned by Florence Nightingale.

I know how passionate you are about the nursing profession, so I wanted to personally invite you to join us and explain how you can register.

How it Works

The Art of Nursing begins on Nurses’ Day, Tuesday, May 6th ( the day I will OPEN the fun!)  and runs through Friday, May 9th. Each day, 3-pre-recorded, video interviews with presenters like me, will be “unlocked” for you to watch, download and keep.These interviews will be filled with fresh insights on topics such as self-care and stress management for nurses, how to reignite the love for your career, and how to remain mindful and present amid the new technologies being introduced into our work.

The Faculty

  • The Art of Nursing is organized by Elizabeth Scala, herself a nurse educator, speaker, and author. She’s gathered together 12 fantastic and forward-thinking women to share their knowledge and expertise with you.
  • In addition to yours truly, interviewees include an awesome array of nurse entrepreneurs, international speakers, authors, etc. You can see the full list of faculty here (, but trust me when I say that you’re guaranteed to learn something invaluable from this group and never again will you get access to them all in one place!

What You Get

  • 12 Video interviews and their audio-only companions (all downloadable)
  • The Art of Nursing workbook – filled with additional tools and resources from our speakers
  • Access to both the Art of Nursing Facebook and Linkedin groups both of them made up ofnurses from around the globeYour Investment and How to Register
  • You can register for the Art of Nursing via the links below:
    • Student rate: $95.00.
    • Individual rate: $150.00
    • Organizational rate*: $3,500.00*Organizations include hospitals/wellness centers and nursing schools, associations, and organizations. The fee of $3,500 covers registration costs for all of your staff; however, your individual staff members will still need to “register” so they get the daily emails during the event.)If you have any questions or difficulty registering, you can email I’d love to have your presence during my presentation and hope you can join us.

I hope to hear from you all after DAY ONE, when I “channel” Florence Nightingale for this 21st century audience.

Thanks, in advance, for your enthusiastic participation!


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CandyNurses Week 2014

Back to The Gym…

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Beautiful Happy new year 2014 bright colorful celebration backgr


 Happy New Year, loyal followers!

Follow the link below to my latest article, published earlier than expected in   Portland Family Magazine.

It came out during the holidays— incentive for the January diets?

Sometime next year, It will be featured in a collection of stories, tentatively titled, This Race Called Life.

 Interesting story behind the story: Immediately after this   experience, I limped into the ladies’ room to wash my face before I went   home to collapse. There, I ripped off about 18” of industrial-strength paper  towel and scribbled down the ideas.  The paper got stuffed into one of the several boxes of notes I keep with funny bits and story ideas. Every time I moved my office, I would look at it and say, “Yep, someday I’m going to write this up.” Well, I moved my office AGAIN this summer, it hit me: I’m no spring chicken anymore. I have successfully procrastinated for 33 years. So, there you have it. No sooner was it written, than it found a home in my book, with reprint rights to PFM. Many folks have written to say they enjoyed this story. I hope you do, too!




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CandyBack to The Gym…

All The World’s A Stage

by Candy on November 7, 2013 3 comments

All the world stage image

Sound enticing? That’s the name of my presentation to a group of 200 – 300 nursing faculty, hospital educators, simulation educators, nurse managers, and directors, next week on Thursday, 11-14-2013, at the Magic In Teaching conference in Irvine, CA.

Other types of teaching stress “How to be spontaneous,” but only in improv do you teach by DOING. Why? Because you don’t just TALK about improv, you DO improv! One of the core principles of  applied improvisational exercises (AIE), is that there can be no onlookers. Be warned, this will be an interactive talk, and everyone will participate.

In healthcare, this is a particularly pertinent process (say that fast 10 times), because we need new communication tools to help tear down walls of cultural hierarchy in healthcare. We need to find ways to build bridges to accomplish stronger teams, and to provide the patient a safer and all-around more satisfying healthcare experience, whether in hospital, clinic, or at home.

Since my doctoral dissertation involves the process of understanding and furthering interprofessional communication, we will discuss the correlation between an atmosphere of safety and the ability to establish new patterns of self-confidence, trust, spontaneity, understanding, application, and memory and how AIE facilitates those outcomes.

You will also hear the outcomes of a recent interprofessional healthcare communication (through improv) seminar called “Yikes to Yippee” with a group from Stanford’s Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital.

This is the kind of modern employment that Florence Nightingale would no doubt endorse!  Guaranteed, we’ll have some fun in this interactive learning environment.

If you’d like to join us, you can learn more at:



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CandyAll The World’s A Stage

Rev Your Engines for the New Year!

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Hello Friends,

Well, I have already broken my New Year’s resolution to blog twice a week. (Let’s not even mention the one about working out every day. HA!)

One resolution I did manage, was to make available a NEW video series for healthcare leaders everywhere. You can access the intro by clicking on the TV screen to the right >>

See it?

One of my motivations for making the series was my frustration when I am an attendee at a conference. Anyone in the audience will tell you, conference speakers are notoriously BORING!  There is a lot of room for improvement, right?

So,  this  brief video series of tips n’ treasures are tools you  can use to help pinpoint your presentation problems. We call it,  “The 7 Traps Speakers Fall Into.” (You scholars, please pardon the dangling participle!).  

Yes, you can download the series right NOW. Listen as often as you like!  I hope you, or someone you know, will benefit by it.

Yours for more engaging healthcare conferences,


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CandyRev Your Engines for the New Year!

Candy Co Hosts Talk Show

by Candy on November 5, 2010 No comments

November Is National Prematurity Awareness Month

Greetings all~

Kicking off National Prematurity Awareness Month as media spokesperson for the March of Dimes in Northern CA,  Candy the Nurse was pleased to co – host  the Morning in Sonoma (2 hour!) talk- radio show with Ken Brown on Nov 1st.

Co Hosting The Morning Show 91.3 FM

Co Hosting The Morning Show 91.3 FM

My first guest was parent of preemie twins (and March of Dimes local representative), Jody Olney, whose micropreemie twins were born  < 2 lbs. at 25ish weeks. The interview will be available here as a podcast in a few days—keep checking back. Thanks for joining us, Jody!

Other guests included fellow actor, Hester Schell, long time friend and now author of Casting Revealed,  soon to be published by Michael Weise Publications. (Yours truly was honored to write the forward, since my kick-in-the-pants helped inspire her to pen it!) Look for it this January…

And last but certainly not least, Steve Doherty, another long time friend, and President of the Sonoma Development Center Family Foundation. Steve works tirelessly to ensure a culture of caring is extended to the mentally disabled residents on that idyllic site of >1000 acres in northern Sonoma County. Watch for news of their annual fundraiser coming in spring.

Thanks to all my guests!

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CandyCandy Co Hosts Talk Show

New Review For Micropremature Babies Film

by Candy on October 29, 2010 No comments

Here’s a new review for the film.

Thanks to our friends at Cinesource ! Check them out: http://cinesourcemagazine.comside_aforum_moveingmaghead_cs_mt_shastaside_aforum_moveingmagourblog_button




Overlooked & Underrated Docs & Features

Micropremature Babies: How Low Can You Go?

Get out your handkerchiefs. Produced and directed by San Francisco Bay Area writer/actress/teacher Candace Campbell, “Micropremature Babies” ( introduces us to the world of premature births, as of circa 2003. Campbell interviews mothers, parents and healthcare professionals about their experience of taking care of newborns, starting with those born after 24 weeks of gestation.

Yes, you’ll need those handkerchiefs. The parents relate the rainbow of emotions that arise in response to pre-term birth – the pain, fear, anger, and joy. We learn about survival rates – starting with the 24 week birth and increasing with every additional week of gestation – and the health risks and challenges survivors and their caregivers face. We learn about the improvements in technology that enable improving survival rates. And we see happy, loving children who would not be here had it not been for that technology and for…well…., obviously there are countless parameters that effect both survival rates and the subsequent health of survivors. One of the social workers interviewed commented to the effect that, in her opinion, the most significant factor in survival and optimum health has to do with the environment the child finds at home. One of the physicians interviewed seconded that thought. The message is clear, loving care makes the biggest difference which, of course, applies to all children.

D. Schwartz  October 21, 2010

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CandyNew Review For Micropremature Babies Film

It’s Loverly Day For A New Look

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Hello World,

After months of planning, and a premature launch, I’ve taken the advice of my business coach and re-branded my business name. Candy Campbell & Associates, aka: Peripatetic Productions will remain the corporate name, but the new brand will be: Candy the Nurse [TM], and have it’s own website,  Thanks to all of you who volunteered to give your  opinion. I value your input,  that the name suggests the combo traits of kind, intelligent and trustworthy.

The logo  (below) is taken as an alter-ego representation. (I only wish I  had curly hair!) The character first presents in My Mom Is A Nurse and reappears as the mom in Good Things Come In Small Packages (I Was A Preemie). Both books are available on this website, website, or on (There you can also look inside and check out the adorable illustrations by talented artist, Michael Vincent Fusco.)

And if you aren’t aware, there are FREE downloadable stickers and coloring pages for kids on the other website ! (The images are due to be changed soon, so go there now before they are no longer available.)

Michael and I are putting brains together to come up with  an “Activity Book” featuring these same characters. I’m hoping they’ll be available for December, so stay tuned.

Also, another (hopefully by December) project is the first translation of My Mom Is A Nurse, into Spanish. Other languages are planned, but I would really like some input on your opinion of which should be next? Suggestions so far are: Farsi, Tagali and Chinese.

Please write a comment and LET ME KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS!!

Thanks so much for your continued support. Your purchases help fund research for babies through the March of Dimes.

Til later, just sign me:

Candy the Nurse logoCandy the Nurse


Yes, I know she lost her stethoscope (she is forever putting in down and misplacing it), but she will have one soon, I promise!

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CandyIt’s Loverly Day For A New Look

New Orleans News-Lovely Despite Circumstances

by Candy on June 8, 2010 No comments

Greetings, y’all~ I meant to post this sooner!

Recently returned  from New Orleans to celebrate the Loyola University New Orleans School of Nursing graduation and commencement activities, including induction into Sigma Theta Tau, Nursing Honor Society. New Orleans is known for beauty (and fun),  but touring the environs after viewing the oil spill from the air makes visitors and locals alike shudder.

However, New Orleans did not disappoint, despite the frustration, the heat, and the mess on the shores. Before I left the Bay Area, a friend whose father used to live in N.O. recommended a few grrrreat places to eat. One was closed up for good, but the others continued to make the south a new fave destination stop. Notable were Cochon (great pulled pork and all things carnivore), GW Finn’s (sea food magnifique), and the Gumbo Shop.

Three showers a day notwithstanding, New Orleans deserves to be on your “to do” list.  Tame the humidity by strolling down to the ol’ Mississippi, which flows through the south curve of the area, and take a slushy  drink with you.

Another Adventure used to be the Swamp Tour. Now it’s no fun.

God bless those who are working so hard to clean up the mess, and please, somebody…put the cap back on.

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CandyNew Orleans News-Lovely Despite Circumstances

AWHONN Names Campbell to Editorial Advisory Board

by Candy on October 16, 2009 No comments

Hello out there, and welcome back~

This past month, I have been finishing up writing a few magazine articles and doing research on empowering families of premature babies.

Meanwhile, the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetrics and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) has invited me to join their Editorial Advisory Board for
Health4women and Yes, they will feature the articles I have been writing. (I urge you to sign up for these email magazines!) on the other had, if your email box is already FULL,  just return here and I will reprint (with permission) the articles.

Enjoy the beautiful fall season and stay tuned for November special interest articles surrounding National Premature Baby Awareness Day, November 17th.

To your good health!


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CandyAWHONN Names Campbell to Editorial Advisory Board

March of Dimes Taps Campbell

by Candy on May 6, 2009 No comments

Yesterday I met with the  Board of Directors of the California branch of the March of Dimes. What an honor to have them request yours truly to partner  as a spokesperson for future events!  Thanks to Dr. Alex Espinoza, MD, prior MOD Board member, for suggesting that since we are all working with the same goals, we should know each other. Here’s a toast to MOD for all they do to help families with premature babies! Please consider signing the petition, on the right, for MOD.

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CandyMarch of Dimes Taps Campbell