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Back to The Gym…

Posted by on Jan 14, 2014 in Announcements, Articles, Candy the Nurse, Commercially Published Articles, To Your Health | 0 comments

   Happy New Year, loyal followers! Follow the link below to my latest article, published earlier than expected in   Portland Family Magazine. It came out during the holidays— incentive for the January diets? Sometime next year, It will be featured in a collection of stories, tentatively titled, This Race Called Life.  Interesting story behind the story: Immediately after this   experience, I limped into the ladies’ room to wash my face before I went   home to collapse. There, I ripped off about 18” of...

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Bringing Baby Home

Posted by on Nov 13, 2010 in Articles, Candy the Nurse, Commercially Published Articles | 0 comments

BRINGING BABY HOME / BABY-PROOFING YOUR WORLD / BABY-PROOFING YOUR HOME /PARENTING YOUR NEW BABY Bringing Baby Home By Candace Campbell, MSN, RN [reprinted with permission, Health4Women magazine] Congratulations and welcome to a new stage in your life – parenthood! Or maybe this isn’t your first baby and it’s welcome back to the magic kingdom! In an instant, your new baby has changed you from a couple into a family. The irony of your new essence, parenthood, evokes what I like to call a babylove addiction, which in a poetic sense, may be likened to a line from the old Eagles...

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Newborn Skin Care 101

Posted by on Feb 5, 2010 in Articles, Commercially Published Articles | 0 comments

Greetings, Blogfriends, Here’s a new article also seen in the new Health4Moms website. Printed with permission. Feel free to pass it on, but please remember to share the source. Enjoy! Candy Newborn Skin Care 101 How to love and protect your baby’s skin By Candace Campbell, MSNc, RN Even experienced parents flinch at the idea of skin care for a new baby and the many products with their associated promises on the market. What’s a parent to do to keep baby smiling? It’s enough to make a grown person cry! Here are three ways to fight the Skin Care Blues. #1 The best defense is a...

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Bathing Your Preemie

Posted by on Jan 11, 2010 in Articles, Commercially Published Articles | 1 comment

A parent of a preemie asks, “Once we get home, I’m a little nervous about bathing my baby. He is so small!  It’s one thing to do it with you all here in the NICU, but I’m feeling a little nervous about bathing the baby at home. Any suggestions?” Dear Preemie Parent, Good question! Here is an article I crafted just for you (and a version of it is featured in the new consumer magazine, Healthy Mom and Babies, and the new AWHONN websites and ) on Bathing Your Preemie. Special thanks to the Farmer family and Annie Tao Photography for...

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