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Florence Nightingale’s Birthday Present

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I’m happy to report that not only is this Nurses’s Week,   but on May 12th, it’s Florence Nightingale’s birthday! The date is easy for me to remember, since my own birthday is May 15th. [Guess we are both under the sign of Taurus the bull, not that I follow such prognostication, but a correlation has been made in my family that if the nose ring fits…] I wonder what Flo would say about some of the headlines today? Aside from wars and rumors of more wars, technological miracles, and the odd ritual of camping outdoors once the weather is nice, what would she say...

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Hub-Caps to H-CAHPS

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As surely as the white-walled hubcaps on my father’s shark-finned ’59 Buick, which I drove when I was 16, would have been replaced with wire-rims (were it still running), the CAHPS (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and System) assessments have morphed into H(for hospital)CAHPS. (Say, “H-Caps.”) What does this mean? And who cares? You should, dear reader. The HCAHPS is the next generation, Ralph Nader-type of brainchild that healthcare consumers (i.e., all of us, eventually) conceived in the early 2000’s.  It all started as a back-lash movement against the...

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The Affordable Healthcare Act: “The doctor will see you now,” may be announcing a nurse.

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October, 2010 The Las Vegas Venetian Hotel Conference Center was the place to be for nearly 3,000 of the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) at the start of this month in the southwest. Outside temps  soared above triple digits, but inside we were comfortable in our climate-controlled atmosphere. I admit I didn’t venture OUT of the theme-park like atmosphere of this idyllic retreat. What a place! As we tourists  clicked photos of the gondolas, a “real” Italian family stood posing. I inquired of their friend, the photographer, how...

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Open Letter to California Legislators-Take This Bill and Shove It

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++++I thought you readers would like to know about this++++ Dear Senate Appropriations Committee Member, I urge your NO vote on SB 1051 re: Diastat rectal gel administration by unlicensed personnel in our schools,grades K-12. Please consider the “elephant in the room” before you vote on this bill: Who does this bill really benefit? Is it  really the epileptic patient? (Or is it the School Districts, who seek to relieve themselves of legal liability? And the pharmaceutical company which gets to market more and more of the drug, as it expires every few months?) The Epilepsy...

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Insulin and Valium in Your Schools

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Hello parents everywhere, This month let me tell you about a movement in California that has generated great concern among many of us moms who are also nurses. You are aware that the decisions of one state often lead to the next legislation for the other forty-nine. Parents of preemies, listen up, as your child may be involved in one of these scenarios. There are presently two bills pending before our legislature which intend to protect the school districts from lawsuits brought by parents who react to faulty administration of medications to their children. These bills, AB 1802 (re:...

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Sacramento Sleuthing

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Friends in Blogland, I apologize for  tardy posts. The trail has taken me again to the halls of legislature to learn and participate in healthcare debates which influence families, babies, and of course, nurses. I am completing a residency with the nurse advocates who work with the American Nurses’ Association in Sacramento, CA. It was sloppy-wet day, but always a thrill to walk the hallowed halls of the capitol. I will finish the week here and return often until my work is completed, at the end of April. At the Assembly Health Committee forum, I watched the fascinating grilling of Big...

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