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Back to The Gym…

by Candy on January 14, 2014 No comments

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 Happy New Year, loyal followers!

Follow the link below to my latest article, published earlier than expected in   Portland Family Magazine.

It came out during the holidays— incentive for the January diets?

Sometime next year, It will be featured in a collection of stories, tentatively titled, This Race Called Life.

 Interesting story behind the story: Immediately after this   experience, I limped into the ladies’ room to wash my face before I went   home to collapse. There, I ripped off about 18” of industrial-strength paper  towel and scribbled down the ideas.  The paper got stuffed into one of the several boxes of notes I keep with funny bits and story ideas. Every time I moved my office, I would look at it and say, “Yep, someday I’m going to write this up.” Well, I moved my office AGAIN this summer, it hit me: I’m no spring chicken anymore. I have successfully procrastinated for 33 years. So, there you have it. No sooner was it written, than it found a home in my book, with reprint rights to PFM. Many folks have written to say they enjoyed this story. I hope you do, too!




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CandyBack to The Gym…

So You Wanna Run Barefoot?

by Candy on July 19, 2012 No comments

     This really sounds like something you’d say to your toddler, with a wry smirk on your face.  Be the interlopers rocks, glass, or just the random asphalty-hardness, what child hasn’t learned, as the punsters say, the hard way?

     Then what sense can we make of the newest adult-fad, barefoot running? Despite the much-touted book on the subject, there exists no reliable scientific evidence to cushion the fall.  (Could it be a nefarious podiatrist’s plot to garner more customers??) Not surprisingly, sports’ medicine experts and cast-adorned would-be runners have “come out” against the practice, pointing to the painful (and expensive) fruits of their labor-of-love. Experts warn that running with shoes can lead to anatomical injuries, since folks often run “recklessly” with highly padded footwear.

     Whether it’s the Chocolate Diet, (and other  fantasies), texting while driving and /or walking, or barefoot running, let us not forget the words of P.T. Barnum, circus entrepreneur, who reminded, “There’s a sucker born every minute,” and “Opinions are like assholes- everyone’s got one.”

     For those 21st century running enthusiasts, who’d like to mimic their third world counterparts, here’s a healthful sports tip : Take it easy; know your limitations, or just say NO !

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CandySo You Wanna Run Barefoot?

CPR updates: Official and Intuitive

by Candy on October 18, 2010 No comments

Today the American Red Cross has issued a recanting of their long-held position about when a bystander must begin chest compressions. This makes intuitive sense, when compared to the recommendation since 1996, i.e.,  having to mingle spit and/or vomit with anyone, especially a perfect stranger. Eeeew. Most folks just call 911. Turns out, chest compressions completed while awaiting emergency crew arrival, makes a big difference. You always thought doing something was better than nothing, didn’t you?chest compressions

So when that loud, obnoxious dude in line keels  over  and spills his popcorn, yell, “ARE YOU ALRIGHT?” feel for a pulse, and     if none, go ahead: get physical. Lock your hands together, place them at the nipple line, and push on that sucker for all you’re worth.    He  may just live to thank you. (But don’t expect an apology for making you miss the movie.)

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CandyCPR updates: Official and Intuitive