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Comments from the Florence Nightingale – Live! presentation:

Candy’s performance as Florence Nightingale was a wonderful way to conclude our conference.   She really brought “Florence” to our meeting.   We especially liked the Q&A with our audience. I recommend this program without hesitation. — Hon. Tricia Hunter, MS, RN,  E.D. ANA/California

Candace ‘Candy’ Campbell is THE Florence Nightingale. I had the honor and privilege of interviewing ‘Florence’ for my virtual conference, celebrating National Nurse’s Week. At times during the webinar, I couldn’t remember where Candy left off and Florence began. Candy does a superb job as Florence Nightingale and the re-enactment had me close to tears. A highly inspirational piece of art that uplifts and energizes our nursing profession. Thank you, Candy. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you. —Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN,www.elizabethscala.com

Wonderful, wonderful. I’m a nurse and I thought it was fun to learn more about Florence Nightingale that I didn’t know. Great actress.— Joyce Terry, MSN, RN

This show is fabulous – a depiction of Florence Nightingale that draws nurses back into their roots; a glimpse of the past brought into the future. She is so real in her portrayal of Florence, and so much fun!  I love the way she draws in the audience from the beginning and take us on a journey.  It really grabs our attention from beginning to end. Never a dull moment. My friend thought so too, and she isn’t a nurse.— Diane Lee, BSN,RN

I enjoyed it very much, and one of the reasons is that I’ve been to the Florence Nightingale museum in London. I would say it was definitely worth seeing, because it brings the story home and makes her story real. — Carol Gaiser, BSN, RN

Awesome performance. I’d see it again and again. I thought ir was timely, relevant, and very inspirational. It was just wonderful.— Mary Esther Loranger, BSN, RN

We all said the Florence Nightingale pledge… And she is a fantastic actress ! Myrna Ward, BSN, RN

We thought it was wonderful, as nursing students. — Amanda Madrid, BA, SN

Florence is definitely a wonderful inspiration, as is our instructor, who happens to be the actress! —  Raul Vera, BS, SN

I didn’t know anything at all about Florence Nightingale, and as she gave such a performance, and as she was talking and portraying her, I was taken back to her time, and I believed she WAS Florence Nightingale. —Sharon Wickstrom

Her acting skills are tremendous. I think anyone would find the Florence Nightingale-Live! presentation both fascinating and interesting. Service is, after all, universal. There’s also an obvious application to medical professionals.Mark Shaw, Entertainer

I was so impressed with the way Candy presented Florence Nightingale. She truly brought history to life. I was drawn into her character, and felt I was in the era talking about health care with a dedicated nurse of those times. I also learned a lot about Ms. Nightingale. She is a true blessing. I think many at a nurses or doctors conference would enjoy her performance.—Sunny Nunes

She’s something else…Through her acting, you saw Florence, not Candy. She was gooood.— Jo Broughtman

I thought it was wonderful. Very informative. Great job.Joanne Masowski


Comments from Improv to Improve,  other seminars and keynotes:

I don’t think the Women’s Health Center ever had so much laughter in one place.  You have such an outstanding blend of very professional, warm and personal presentation, engaging the group.— Valerie Keim, LMFT, John Muir Women’s Health Center, Walnut Creek, CA.

Your talk was informative, enlightening and well received by an appreciative audience. We take pride in being able to arrange a speaker of your calibre to address our group.—  Fred Schwartz, Exec. Dir., Asian American Hotel Owners Association.

Candy Campbell is a speaker with many talents. — Speaker Net News, February 2008

When I hear the name Candy Campbell, the words dedicated professional come to mind… She has a very giving spirit, is articulate, and knows how to command an audience. I love to watch Candy present! —  Karen Walker-Tunoa – The Results Coach,  Past President, National Speakers Association | Northern California

Candy is a high-energy and very humorous speaker even on topics that can be less-than-funny. She gets her message across in a clear and concise manner while providing practical and usable ideas that can be immediately put to use. — Michael Soon Lee, President, Ethnoconnect

Candace is an articulate speaker who’s timing, humor and conviction continue to enthrall her audiences.— Mark Shaw,Real Estate Broker, Remax

Candy Campbell is an amazing artist, woman, mother, medical professional, writer and stand up comic. She brings deep integrity and commitment to everything she does.— Hester Schell, author of Casting Revealed.

Candy has a fresh presentation style that engages the audience from the start. Working with Candy at the National Speakers Association, I have seen commitment and creativity that makes every project fun. I enjoy working with Candy, and hearing her present, and I would recommend her to any prospective meeting planner in a heart beat. — Jim Carrillo, Blue Marquee Consulting

Candy is an accomplished writer, producer, public speaker, and teacher, in addition to having a great deal of clinical nursing knowledge. She is an expert in the unique care of micropremature babies, and has spoken often to audiences in regards to this special population of patients that is so near and dear to her heart… Candy is motivated, creative, knowledgable, and personable. Not only does she have a solid history of nursing experience, she also approaches new challenges and opportunities head on and with fresh, innovative ideas. — C. Lynn Matthews, MA, RN, Clinical Consultant,KP Systems

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