Another Inconvenient Truth

Candy Campbell

It’s “Women’s History Month;” shall we now celebrate infanticide?

Sharing this post, with permission, which comes from my friend and former colleague, who is a NICU nurse and mom of a Down syndrome child:

“I’m late to the party posting about this opinion piece in the Washington Post from last week. Other people have called the author “courageous” for publicly proclaiming that she’d have aborted a baby with Down syndrome. I truly can’t think of a less courageous decision than aborting a baby with Down syndrome.

This is not a pro-life or pro-choice issue. This is an issue of how we view people with disabilities in our society. This is an issue of people thinking they get to decide what kind of children they have. This is an issue of eugenics.

If there were a prenatal screening for being gay, would it be okay to abort those babies? How about a prenatal screening for depression, or cancer, or dyslexia, or obesity? Where would we draw the line?

I’ve said it before and I will continue to say it until I’m blue in the face: If you don’t want to have a child who will suffer (and bring you suffering), don’t have a child at all. There is grief and there is joy, tightly intertwined, with raising ANY child. And do you know who has the problem with Down syndrome? Not people actually living with it. It’s neurotypical people who are so narrow-minded that they can’t imagine leading a valuable life without their abilities.

I’m furious and I’m heartbroken, because I can’t believe I have to keep saying over and over and over again that babies like my son have value, and not because they’re cute, which is one of the few positive things the author of the article has to say about kids with Down syndrome. People with Down syndrome have value because they are PEOPLE, created in the image of God. To weed them out of society like they’re disposable and worthless is eugenics and morally reprehensible. Period.”

Washington Post Article

I agree. The bigger question is: How do we measure human worth? If we are merely the consequence of time + matter + chance, life has no particular meaning and certainly no moral relevance. In an amoral society, it really doesn’t matter who lives or dies, does it?

Interesting, isn’t it, that in the US, when a pregnant woman is killed, her murderer is charged with two deaths?

Meanwhile, Iceland recently bragged about nearly having eradicated their country from Down syndrome, as though a “cure” for the chromosomal abnormality was found, as we might hope to find a cure for cancer. But no it’s more like saying we found a “cure” for racism by killing all the Jews.

Now, there’s an inconvenient truth.