Those of us called to be in the ‘caregiving’ side of healthcare can share a little love from some businesses who want to THANK us! check out the link, below:

Happy National Nurses Week FREEBIES!

Enjoy the week, friends!  🙂


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EMTALA – Information You Should Know

EMTALA – Emergency Medical Treatment & Labor Act

Dear Readers:

I was interviewed the other day by reporter Greg Freeman, from the Journal of Healthcare Risk Management about my experiences with EMTALA laws. As a professor of nursing and sometime legal nurse consultant, I had a few things to share with him. (Click on article to download)

My thanks to Greg for his thoughtful coverage and research for his reading audience. Even if you don’t work in risk management, all healthcare personnel should be aware of these laws and how they might impact your practice.

Some nurse leaders need […]

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Happy Nurses’ Week!

Happy Nurses’ Week!

Dear Readers:

Reporting to you now as I wing my way home from successful speaking to groups in Ireland and Great Britain!

Here’s a photo of my first stop, Saint Angela’s College of Nursing in Sligo, Ireland, where Miss Nightingale made “her” first appearance, for faculty and nursing students.

(Note: The real Nightingale never actually visited Ireland, so they were thrilled to hear some of her stories and healthcare wisdom.)

My host was a USF colleague, Dr. Lisa Gifford, who lives here on her goat farm in the next village over.( […]

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Florence Nightingale at the Ed Kinney Speaker Series

Florence Nightingale Performs

Friends, Miss Nightingale delighted nearly 500 attendees in Pleasanton as part of the Ed Kinney speaker series presented by the Museum on Main during National Women’s History Month. Afterwards, attendees were treated to a book signing.

What fun to highlight the icon of the nursing profession. So many members of the public were surprised to learn about her many other talents, including her love of music, math, and languages, not to mention her sense of humor!

What did you learn about this incredible woman that surprised you?

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Sneak Peek Interview with Dr Elizabeth Dietz, EdD, RN, CS-NP

Sneak Peek Interview with Dr Elizabeth Dietz, EdD, RN, CS-NP

Dr. Dietz is a Professor emeritus at San Jose State University and serves on ANA\C’s Board as Legislative Director. In this role, she chairs the Legislative Committee, coaches nurses in effective health policy advocacy, and collaborates with ANA\C staff to represent the interests of the nursing profession. She also attends meetings of the Board of Registered Nursing, legislative hearings and political events on behalf of ANA\C. Dr. Dietz serves on ANA’s Political Action Committee and is a former member of the California BRN. Her service […]

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Sneak Peek Interview with Marketa Houskova, MAIA, RN

Sneak Peek Interview with Marketa Houskova, MAIA, RN

Marketa Houskova, MAIA, RN. Executive Director, American Nurses Association of California; MH Consulting for political advocacy; past Healthcare Policy Advisor, Health and Human Services; Women In Politics.

She will be one of the presenters at the Bay Area Nurses Communication Conference.

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Celebrating Positively Positive Deviants

Celebrating Positively Positive Deviants

“Were there none who were discontented with what they have, the world would never reach anything better.” –Florence Nightingale

March is National Women’s History month. The media is replete with stories of notable women in athletics, art, business, and politics who have garnered fame and laudable accomplishments.

As such, it seems incredulous for us to forget to celebrate the lives of the women who pioneered institutional and/or cultural change when the climate for women to change anything but diapers was customary.

One notable change agent was the positively positive deviant, Florence Nightingale!

Born into a […]

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Sneak Peek Interview with Carole Kulik, DNP, RN, ACNP, HCIC

Sneak Peek Interview with Carole Kulik, DNP, RN, ACNP, HCIC

Carole Kulik, DNP, RN, ACNP, HCIC, has more than 25 years of high impact experience in direct patient care, research and operations. Clinical experience as an advanced practice nurse and executive clinical leader in critical care, surgery, cardiology, transplant, patient safety, and international collaboration establishing professional clinical standards.

Carole will be one of the presenters on the Innovation Panel at the Bay Area Nurses Communication Conference.

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Another Inconvenient Truth

Another Inconvenient Truth

It’s “Women’s History Month;” shall we now celebrate infanticide?

Sharing this post, with permission, which comes from my friend and former colleague, who is a NICU nurse and mom of a Down syndrome child:

“I’m late to the party posting about this opinion piece in the Washington Post from last week. Other people have called the author “courageous” for publicly proclaiming that she’d have aborted a baby with Down syndrome. I truly can’t think of a less courageous decision than aborting a baby with Down syndrome.

This is not a pro-life or pro-choice issue. This […]

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Creative Problem Solving and Changing a Culture

Creative Problem Solving and Changing a Culture

Check out a recent article I wrote about Creative Problem Solving published in the National Nurses In Business Association Blog – Take a look!

Creative Problem Solving and Changing a Culture

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. “ Margaret Mead, Anthropologist

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? My premise is that you can accomplish much, including changing a culture, if you focus on a problem, surround yourself with encouragers, […]

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