Happy Nurses’ Week

||Happy Nurses’ Week!

Happy Nurses’ Week!

Happy Nurses’ Week!

Saint Angela's College of Nursing - Sligo, Ireland
Dr Lisa Gifford -Goat Farm
Global Nursing Conference 2018

Dear Readers:

Reporting to you now as I wing my way home from successful speaking to groups in Ireland and Great Britain!

Here’s a photo of my first stop, Saint Angela’s College of Nursing in Sligo, Ireland, where Miss Nightingale made “her” first appearance, for faculty and nursing students.

(Note: The real Nightingale never actually visited Ireland, so they were thrilled to hear some of her stories and healthcare wisdom.)

My host was a USF colleague, Dr. Lisa Gifford, who lives here on her goat farm in the next village over.( See photos) What serene vitas!

The second stop was London, to the Global Conference of Nursing 2018, where Miss Nightingale again presented the opening keynote address. This group represented over 8 countries, including UK, Estonia, Jordan, Turkey, Kapan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Greece! Many new friendships were made and collaborations planned. Miss Nightingale received invitations to speak to groups in each!

Moreover, a min-workshop was presented on Day two of this 3-day conference. The group was introduced to my work on inter-professional communication techniques using applied Improvisational exercises, or “medical Improv.” The method, which creates a safe place to learn and grow, was considered another highlight of the conference by the attendees.

Throw in a couple of days touring with my good friend, Lynne Franklin, the ‘neuroscience nerd’ and you can imagine it was a wonderful international cultural exchange! (Making plans for the next tour!)

Kindest regards,

PS Discounted registration for Nurses Communication Conference, June 28 & 29 in Walnut Creek, east of San Francisco, still open! Join us – you won’t regret it!

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