Rejoice with Candy Campbell

Dear Readers

As I get older and another year unwraps like the last holiday gift, it shocks me even more that it happens so quickly!

I recall when my mother, then in her 80’s, resisted my removing the Christmas décor … in February. “Why not leave it up?” she asked. “Christmas will be here before you know it! Time flies so quickly when you’re my age.”

Sigh. What does it mean that I’ve kept the “REJOICE” banner up in my solarium for over a year? The banner isn’t just for Christmas, I reason, it’s a reminder … A reminder of so many things to be glad about. There are so many things to celebrate each day, each week, each year.

I recall the time I made it. I saw the idea in a magazine. We were newly married and I was expecting our first child. We had purchased our first home, and I was crafting curtains, baby sheets, and pillowcases with my sewing machine. (I also made cookies, and Strudel, and a clay wreath from the ideas in that magazine.) Then, I turned the page and I saw it. REJOICE! At the time, I wasn’t a particularly religious person … at all. But something about the message of that word at this time of year spoke to my soul. Yes, I suppose I wanted to believe in the Christmas story, but I wasn’t ready to think too deeply about it yet. (That revelation would come later.) Meanwhile, the REJOICE banner has soothed my soul every year, no matter life’s circumstances.

I recall the first year after the divorce when the kids were 8, 11, and 13, and we found a place to hang it in our small rental. It was bittersweet. REJOICE? The banner reminded us to find ways to be thankful in the midst of our disjointed lives. And we did!

We were thankful that I/mom found a JOB that kept a roof over our heads, thankful for new friends who welcomed us, thankful for my brother and his wife who gave us sanctuary for six months while we resettled, thankful for old friends who visited and helped us dance-in the new year!

Years later, when I was able to buy a small house of our own, we hung the banner over the sliding glass doors. It seemed to ring out REJOICE, that we had all made northern CA our home. We were happy there.

Then, three years ago, when the kids were off on their own adventures, I moved into a condo. REJOICE is the banner of solace that greets me every morning as I adjust to living alone and gaze upon my lovely, wooded view.

This year, I REJOICE that I have many new friends here, my children are all happy and settled, there are two darling grandbabies to love, I survived the launch of my first Nurses Communication Conference (Expect the Unexpected should be our motto!), I’m ready for the launch of my next book, and on many days, I awake to a sweet doe and her fawn asleep by my back deck.

My friends, no matter what circumstances surround us, I pray you REJOICE with me that God is good and somehow, mysteriously, He has the whole world in His hands.

May this season of LIGHT and LOVE from our sacred traditions keep your hearts and minds at peace.


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